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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Me?

Years ago, when I was a young, smart mouth adolescent, my mother said, "Sheila, sarcasm is not a virtue." to which I responded, "NO...Really??" What I learned from this experience was, the old woman could slap a knot on your head so big the doctor couldn't cut it off. I should have known better, as she had perfected that swing on the 7 children who came before me.

My poor mother lived with teenagers for eighteen years of her life, and I hit adolescence about the same time she started menopause. It was hard on both of us, but likely worse for her.

I realize this now, as I sit here, bursting into flames and trying not to cry. The change of life, or the onset of death, however you choose to look at it, it's a drag. It seems like only yesterday, I was driving too fast and running with scissors, unaware of being a mere mortal. I know what Mom would say. "Go put your lipstick on and you'll feel better".


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