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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thoughts on Music

I'm just sitting here listening to the new Tom Petty CD my son sent me for my birthday. It's great, but I expected it to be. Many years ago, when I was a young girl, I worked for Tom Petty's label. He was just starting out, it was some time after Breakdown became a hit. Anyway, he was playing in Dallas and we threw a big party for him and the Heart Breakers. I barely remember it, I wont explain why, but I still have the ticket stubs and party invitation. Years later, when I was the mother to a young Eric Armstrong, he found the tickets and also a picture of me in a Tom Petty T shirt holding baby Eric. He couldn't believe it was me or him because Tom Petty was so young and new to the music world.

Speaking of music, the coolest thing I heard on the news this last week was a recording of the sounds from the sun. It was incredible, like an orchestra warming up. I think God must have done this intentionally. I mean we are made in his image, and how many people do you know who don't like some sort of music? These scientist were trying to prove the big bang theory, which I will be referring to as the Big Band theory from here on. If God wanted to create the earth, why not use a big band to do it. He's God, He can do whatever He wants. If our mortal ears were tuned right, we would probably hear the rocks and trees singing praise to him. This earth may be his own personal Ipod. I'm just sayin'...


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