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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let it Rain

I know I write a lot about music, but after all, I am a Music Nazi. Today I was wondering why so many songs are written about rain. What is it about rain that stirs us? Not only do we sing about it, we blame our moods on it. How many times have you said, "this rainy weather makes me sleepy"? It makes us want to be at home with a good book or movie. I love to sit on my back porch with a cup of coffee and listen to music during a down pour. It's better than a sedative.

But what about those songs? Is it because rain makes us remember old times? Or do sweethearts really leave in the rain? Who knows? But this is a great time to list my top ten all time favorite rain songs, once again, in autobiographic order...

10. Rhythm Of the Falling Rain By Ricky Nelson

9. Rainy Night In Georgia By Brooke Benton

8. Who'll Stop the Rain By CCR

7. I Wish it Would Rain By The Temptations

6. Summer Rain By Johnny Rivers

5. Hard Rain By Bob Dylan

4. Box Of Rain By The Grateful Dead

3. Black Summer Rain By Eric Clapton

2. Cry Like a Rainstorm By Bonnie Raitt

and the #1 all time favorite Rain song.......

Texas Flood By Stevie Ray Vaughn "It's floodin' down in Texas, all the telephone lines are down."


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