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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Little Bump On The Road Of Life

 This past weekend, my husband and I were shopping in Rockwall. We pulled into a parking place and heard a noise. Jon had driven the car all the way up to the curb, which was pretty low, and the front bumper went over the curb. He decided he was too close and tried to back out. Well, the bumper got hung on the curb, and he nearly pulled the whole thing off. We got out of the car to look, and there was nothing I could say, that he would not hear as completely annoying. So, he said go on into the store and he would see what he could do.
 I walked around the store, looking at stuff, but couldn't see anything I wanted or needed, because I was too worried about the car.
  He walked into the shop, like everything was okay, then left again, real soon. This worried me, so I left, too.
  I asked him if he was able to put the bumper back on, and he said he tied it on with a rope. It actually looked pretty good and I thought we might make it home with the car intact. It's a good hour drive from Rockwall on a busy interstate.
 Driving home, he told me he had looked for some duct tape in his backpack. He thought that would hold the bumper better, but he instead found some rope.
 You may be thinking, how odd, that a man would be carrying rope around in his backpack, but I understand completely. This is a man who plans for any and everything that could possibly go wrong. Sometimes, I think I will grow old, waiting in the car, while he goes around checking doors and windows, I have already checked. Then he starts on the car. Do we have everything? Check the tires, the oil, the windshield wiper fluid.
 No, this didn't bother me at all. All I could think was, Thank God he didn't have any Duct tape. Have you ever noticed, when a man "fixes" something with duct tape, he seems to think it is "fixed"? He will never go back to it, as it is a finished project. I would be driving a duct taped car for the rest of my life.
 Fortunately, he took it to a body shop and got the bumper reattached, by professionals, who charged 189.00, but no duct tape was used.



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