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Friday, February 25, 2011


I like to think of myself as flexible, someone who embraces change. But when change actually occurs I see I am not flexible at all. I become the old man in the coffee shop, complaining because they changed his coffee from Folgers to Seattle's Best. Seriously sir, that burning sensation gurgling up from your stomach to your esophagus may not be bitterness alone.
I love the Texas Rangers. They are my team and nothing will change that. However this talk of trading Michael Young has me very disturbed. Also, it's unfair to loyal fans who have stood by the team, even when they were not so great, to have to enter a "lottery" for a chance to buy tickets to the big games. I wanted to take my daughter, Sarah, to opening day because it was her birthday, but we didn't make the cut, or win the lottery. That's just wrong. Now I have received an email stating because we were not among the chosen few, we are on the list to possibly purchase tickets to other games. What the.........? This is not how Texans behave.
Now back to the Michael Young issue. The owners need to be as good to Michael as he has been to them. He's a great player who had a less than stellar late season. But he was still there, being a team leader and mentor to the younger guys. The club needs him. I only hope they don't treat him like they did Blaylock.
I'm partial to Michael because he was Lauren's favorite player. She saw great potential in him from the beginning, and she was right. It may sound silly or over dramatic, but I hate to see the things she loved going away. It's like she's disappearing along with them. Well, I still have her Curious George and her blue and yellow hoodie.


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