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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mean Girls and Sweet Little Boys

I was just reading a friends blog and it made me a little sad. He wrote about Valentines day and specifically about a Valentines day when he was deeply hurt by a mean little girl. The thing is, I knew him when he was a little boy, and I can't imagine even the most viscous 12 year old girl hurting him intentionally. But we all know how cruel the preadolescence female can be.

I would like to say I never broke a boys heart, but it wouldn't be true. I don't think I ever held one up for ridicule in public, however. My husband may disagree. He has some crazy story about when I was working in a record store. He said he came in and asked for Carole King Tapestry and I laughed at him, saying I had that album when I was a little girl. Well, it may have happened. I am a music Nazi and I did have the Tapestry album when I was around 14 or 15. Oh, and yes it was chick music. He also said I stood him up when he came to Dallas to take me out. But I wasn't in my right mind, and I didn't know I was going to marry him and hear the story for the next 30 years.

I really liked this boy I met from Kansas, as long as we were writing and telephoning, but when he came to see me, he was in my way. I was not nice to him but he always came back every summer. I'm so ashamed of myself, now for treating him so badly. I started going out with another guy who wanted to get married. I liked him and didn't want to break up, so I said I would marry him. About that time, I met another guy when we were both in my best friends wedding. We had a lot of fun and decided to go out. Well, the one I was pretending to be engaged to, saw me with him. I said I was sorry and thought all was forgiven, until that weekend, on Valentines Day, all 3 boys showed up. The one I met at the wedding sent me red roses and a card with the lyrics to Cat Stevens, Wild World. I thought this was total plagiarism, but when told Lauren about it, years later, she thought it was the most romantic thing she had ever heard, and told all her friends.

I remember my mother telling me, some day I would have a son who would have his heart broken by some little girl, and it would hurt me also. She was right. So, girls, be mean to those sweet little boys. But, believe me, you will get yours.


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